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ERURI! I just saling so many ships! I'm a reblogger and drawing sometimes.
Addicted to Mads Mikkelsen/The Beatles/David Bowie/Audrey Hepburn/Pattie Boyd/Lana Del Rey/Michael Fassbender/fatty Leo/Music/Movies and so much more.

"It’s not that I think Dr. Lecter is dangerous. I don’t."

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I can tell by looking at him

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Christoph Waltz, photographed by Bryan Adams| Zoo Magazine issue 44

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"I meet Mads when he is 20 and I’m 24 and I’m just so proud of him. He’s an incredibly generous person and he’s an amazing actor. I think he’s the world’s greatest actor, I’m not afraid to say that, and I think he’s the world’s greatest dad and he’s the world’s greatest boyfriend. "

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